Barco Uniforms  

Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale

Barco Uniforms, Inc.


    The sale of goods and/or provision of services by Barco Uniforms, Inc. or any of its subsidiaries or  affiliates,  collectively  and  individually  known  as "BARCO",  are  subject  to  the  following Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale. The PURCHASER of the goods and services shall be hereinafter   referred   to   as PURCHASER.   Upon   the   date   of BARCO’s receipt   of PURCHASER's  written  acceptance  of BARCO's  offer, PURCHASERand BARCOshall  be deemed  on  such  date  to  have  entered  into  a  legally  binding  and  enforceable  agreement  for  the purchase and sale of the goods and services described therein and, together with these Standard Terms  and  Conditions  of  Sale,  shall  constitute  the  "Agreement".  As  to PURCHASER and BARCO, respectively, "Related Parties" shall mean such party's parent, subsidiary and affiliated entities,  and  all  of  their  respective  officers,  directors,  employees,  agents,  contractors,  and designees.




    reserves  the  right  to  require  an  authorized  representative  of  the PURCHASER to provide  to BARCO such  written  evidence  as  an  authorized  representative  of BARCO may reasonably  require  acknowledging  to PURCHASER's  acceptance  of  these  Standard  Terms  and Conditions  of  Sale.  Notwithstanding  that  no  such  written  evidence  is  provided,  these  Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale shall constitute part of the Agreement.


    BARCO's  quoted  prices  for  goods  and  services  are  valid  only  for  the  time  period  stated  in BARCO's written quotation.


    BARCO's  goods  and  services  are  supplied  in accordance  with  INCOM2015, EXW  (“Ex Works”)and  risk  of  loss  shall  pass  accordingly.  Title  to  the  goods  shall  pass  at  the  same  time that risk passes to the BUYER. BARCO has sole discretion to determine the factory location for the  provision  of  the  goods  and  services.  Actual  delivery  time  will  be  subject  to  availability  of manufacturing capacity at the date of the Agreement. Claims for any damage, shortage or loss in transit of goods supplied by BARCO must be made by PURCHASER to the carrier.


    Unless otherwise specified in the Agreement the following shall apply:

    (a) International orders: Terms of payment may be as per the following:

    Cash in advance prior to shipment, dispatched via wire transfer or paid by credit card.

    Or in lieu of cash in advance:

    (1) BARCO may require deposits, letters of credit or down payments at time of placement of order  as  specified  in  the  Agreement.  No  interest  or  other  amounts  will  be  required  to  be accrued  or  paid  by BARCO to PURCHASER in  connection  with  such  advance  payments. All deposits are considered nonrefundable unless order is cancelled by PURCHASER within one (1) week of the date of the Agreement.

    (2) All  letters  of  credit  will  be  irrevocable,  confirmed  and  drawn  against  a  banking  facility pre-approved   by BARCO. All   letter   of   credit   charges   are the responsibility   of PURCHASER.

    (3) PURCHASER agrees to pay all applicable taxes.

    (4) Payment  in  full  is  required  prior  to  delivery  of  goods  or  provision  of  services  by BARCO.  Payments  are  to  be  made  by  wire  transfer unless  otherwise  indicated  in  the Agreement.

    (b) Domestic orders: Terms of payment may be as per the following:

    Payments  of  amounts  for  goods  and  services  are  due  in  full  from PURCHASER within thirty  (30) days(or  in  conformity  with  other  agreed  upon  terms) from  the  date  goods are shipped  or  services  are  provided  by BARCO,  without  setoff  or  deduction  for  any  reason whatsoever.

    In  the  event  credit  is  applied  for  and  granted  to PURCHASER by BARCO,  the  terms  of payment  and  credit  limitshall  be  established  in  the BARCOCredit  Agreement,  and  shall remain subject to the Payment Terms granted unless otherwise agreed in writing and signed byboth BARCO and PURCHASER.

    All amounts beyond set credit limits may need tobe paid in full by PURCHASER prior to shipment.

    Credit card payments by PURCHASER for goods and services willbe subject to surchargeunless otherwise agreed inwritingandsigned by BARCO and PURCHASER.


    If  the  full  payment  is  not  received  by BARCO within the  agreed  upon  credit  terms, BARCO may,  in  its  sole  discretion,  charge  interest  at  the  rate  of  1.5%  per  monthon  unpaid  amounts, calculated and compounded monthly, not in advance, until paid in full. The PURCHASER also agrees  to  pay  all  reasonable  legal  expenses  and  agency  commissions  sustained  by BARCO in pursuit of any payment which is past due, on a full indemnity basis. The remaining balance, plus all accrued interest, must be paid before BARCO will ship any goods or provide any services to PURCHASER.  Should PURCHASER fail  to  deliver  the  remaining  payment  balance  owed, plus the accrued interest within ninety (90) days after notification, BARCO reserves the right to sell the goods and seek any and all damages.


    Should PURCHASER cancel its order with BARCO within one (1) week following the date of the Agreement, BARCO will refund any deposit or downpayment. If PURCHASER cancels its order  after  one  (1)  week  following  the  date  of  the  Agreement, PURCHASER agrees  that BARCO may retain all, or any portion thereof, of the deposit or down payment based upon the material and labor utilized throughthe time of cancellation as determined by BARCO in its sole discretion. BARCO shall  invoice  for  any  cancellation,  and  the PURCHASER will  pay BARCO's  invoice  within  thirty  (30)  days  from  date  of  cancellation,  plus  all  reasonable cancellation  charges  due  to BARCO for an  amount  not  to  exceed  100%  of  the  total  quoted purchase price based upon material and labor utilized up to the time of cancellation.


    Neither party shall be liable for any failure or delay in performance under the Agreement (other than for delay in the payment of any amount due and payable including accrued interest prior to the date of the Force Majeure, as hereafter defined) to the extent such failure or delay is caused by reasons of force majeure beyond that party's reasonable control and not caused by that party's fault  or  negligence  ("Force  Majeure")  including,  but  not  limited  to,  the  occurrence  of  natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes and floods, the occurrence of war, riot, acts of terrorism or other major upheaval, the imposition of trade sanctions or trade embargoes (including denied and sanctioned  parties),  the  failure  of  suppliers, subcontractors,   and   carriers,   and/or   other   necessary   partiesto   substantially   meet   that   party's   performance   obligations   under the  Agreement. As a condition precedent to the non-performing party's claim of Force Majeure, the non-performing  party  must  give  written  notice  to  the  other  party,  within  five  (5)  days  after  the Force Majeure, and provide complete details in respect of the occurrence of the cause relied upon to excuse performance. The dates by which performance obligationsare scheduled to be met will be extended for that period of time which is equal to the time lost due to any delay caused by the Force  Majeure.  If  a  Force  Majeure  event  occurs  while BARCO is  providing  service  work  at  a PURCHASER location,  then BARCOwill  be  paid  at  its  then  applicable  technician  stand-by rates during any such Force Majeure event. BARCO shall submit its invoice for the payment of such charges  which  shall  be  paid  within  thirty  (30)  days  from  the  date  of  such  invoice.  The failure  to  pay  for  such  charge  shall  release BARCO from  anyfurther  performance  obligation under  the  Agreement.  If  the  Force  Majeure  event  extends  for  a  period  of  more  than  forty-five (45)  days, BARCO has  the  right  to  terminate  the  Agreement  and  cancel  the  order  and  in  that event, BARCO will refund any deposit or down payment after deducting the expenses that have been incurred by BARCO up to the date of receipt of noticeby BARCO of the Force Majeure event, as determined by BARCO in its sole discretion.


    BARCO  warranties  that  fabrics  used  in  articles  of  apparel  meet  all  standards  set  forth  in  the Federal Flammable Fabrics Act and have a continuing guaranty under the Textile Fiber Products Identification Act.

    Unless as set forth above or otherwise specified in writing in the Agreement, BARCO warrants its  goods  to  be  free  from  defects  in  materials  and  workmanship  for  a  period  of  365  days  from date  ofshipment  from BARCO's  factory  location.  Should  any  part  of  such  goods  be  found, under normal use and service during the warranty period to be defective, BARCO will repair or replace  such  goods  at  its  factory  location,  provided  (a)  that BARCO receives  written  notice  of the  defective  product  or  partwithin  the  warranty  period,  (b)  such  defective  product  or  part  is returned to that location by the PURCHASER on a prepaid freight basis no later than thirty (30) days   after   the   expiration   of   the   warranty   period, (c)   that   the BARCO return   material authorization number, invoice number and PURCHASER'S purchase order number are noted on the shipping container and (iv) that inspection of the original goods establishes the claim defect to the satisfaction of BARCO in its sole discretion.

    BARCO provides  no  warranty  with  respect  to  components  manufactured  by  others  which  are   subject  to  the  warranties  of  their  respective  manufacturers  that  are  used  in BARCO's  goods  or sold   by BARCO.   Should   any   such   component,   provided   by BARCO,   fail   within   the manufacturer's   warranty   period,   such   component   must   be   returned   to BARCO by   the PURCHASER on a prepaid freight basis in accordance with BARCO's return policy (section 10below) so it can be returned to the original component manufacturer's facility for evaluation and disposition.Any  good  that  is  repaired  by BARCOis  warranted  to  be  free  from  defects  in  materials  and workmanship  for  a  period  of  ninety  (90)  days  from  the  date  of  completion  of  repair  or  the remaining portion of the original warranty, whichever is longer.No  warranty  shall  apply  (a)  to  goods  upon  which  repairs  or  alterationshave  been  made  (unless authorized by BARCO), (b) for goods misused, neglected and/or incorrectly installed, stored or operated or (c) to goods which have not been operated or maintained by demonstrably competent personnel.

    BARCO's  total  liability  and PURCHASER's  sole  remedy  under  this  warranty  is  limited  to   such  repair  or  replacement  subject  to  the  conditions  stated  herein,  and  no    allowance  will  be  made  for  repairs,  replacements  and/or  alterations  unless made  with BARCO's  prior  written approval. THE    WARRANTIES    CONTAINED    HEREIN    ARE    THE    SOLE    ANDEXCLUSIVE   WARRANTIES,   AND BARCOHEREBY   DISCLAIMS   ANY   OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION THE IMPLIED    WARRANTIES    OF    MERCHANTABILITY    AND    FITNESS    FOR    APARTICULAR PURPOSE.


    BARCO's return policy is independent from BARCO's warranty and service policies. BARCO must authorize, in writing, any returns before any return will be considered by BARCO for any refund.  Goods  returned  without  prior  written  authorization  by BARCOwill  not  be  accepted. BARCO return  material  authorization  number,  invoice  number  and PURCHASER'S  purchase order  number  must  be  noted  on  the  shipping  container. Returns  will  be  accepted  only  on  new, unused,  and/or  standard  stock  goods  returned  within  thirty  (30)  days  of  the  date  of  the Agreement. Any  garments  returned  without  hangtags  and/or poly  bags  are  subject  to  a  garment charge per item.  Returns of overstock merchandise must have prior approval and will be subject to  a  15%  restocking  charge.    Any  REFUSED  shipment is  subject  to  a  15%  restocking  charge, plus any additionally incurred freight charges.  Special Orders and Close Out orders will not be accepted as returns unless merchandise is damaged or defective.

    PURCHASER must return goods on a freight prepaid basis. BARCO may, in its sole discretion, accept for return other items suchas custom made goods, special order goods or goods requiring special  processing.  If BARCO decides  to  accept  for  return  such  goods, BARCO may  charge PURCHASER a restocking fee in order to do so. A credit memo will be issued for those items determined  by BARCO to  be  in  compliance  with  this  return  policy.  A  credit  memo  will  be issued  for  original  freight  charges  only  in  those  cases  where  the  goods  were  defective,  were shipped incorrectly and/or failed to perform as specified.


    Any requests for changes to the order for goods or services after the date of the Agreement will not  be  effective  unless  accepted  in  writing  by  both  parties.  Any  request  for  changes  must  be initiated  by  the  party  seeking  the  change  in  the  form  of  a  written  notice  of  such  request.  The request  for  such  change  can  be  for  one  or  more  ofthe  following:  (a)  the  goods  (b)  the specifications,  drawings,  designs  or  other  such  technical  criteria;  (c)  field  service  needs;  (d) goods quantities; (e) delivery dates; and (f) method or location of delivery. Notwithstanding the foregoing, BARCO expressly reserves its right to change, discontinue and/or modify the design and manufacture of its goods without obligation to furnish, retrofit or install goods previously or subsequently sold.


    (a) Confidential  Information. The  parties  acknowledge  that  certain  confidential  information may  be  exchanged  in  the  course  of  executing  this  Agreement  and  that  all  aspects  of  all discussions and materials exchanged will be treated as confidential and will not be disclosed to any  third parties,  except  as  permitted  herein.  Both  parties  agree  to  protect  the  other  parties' confidential   information   by   not   discussing,   disclosing,   copying  information to any employee who is not actively involved in the project. Furthermore, the terms of employment for employees involved in this project must include an agreement to protect the confidentiality of both parties' confidential information.  Examples  of  confidential  information include,  but  are  not  limited  to,  bids  or  proposals,  methods  of    manufacturing,    engineering    or  manufacturing  drawings,  specifications  and  tolerances,  operating  procedures  and  processes,  test reports,   test   methods,   control   systems,   computer   programs   and   instructions   and   similar information which is not available (or should not be made available) to competitors. Both parties agree  to  specifically  label  all  confidential  information  as  such.  Nowritten  information  shall  be regarded  as  confidential  information  if  it  is  not  labeled  or  if  it  can  be  shown  that  such information: (1)  is  already  in  the  public  domain; (2)  is  already  known  to  the  other  party; (3)  is independently developed by the other party; (4) is disclosed by a third party through no fault of either party; and (5) is required by either party to be disclosed under applicable law or by a court of competent jurisdiction.

    (b) Waiver by Written Agreement.  Any confidentiality obligation imposed by this agreement may be waived by written agreement of the parties. The parties acknowledge that their respective obligations  hereunder  will  survive  termination  for  a  period  of  five  (5)  years  after  the  effective date  of  termination  of  this  Agreement.  Within  thirty  (30)  days  after  the  effective  date  of termination  of  this  Agreement,  all  written  confidential  information  belonging  to  the  other  party will be returned or destroyed.

    (c)  Subcontractors.   To  the  extent  necessary  to  obtain  subcontractor  bids,  to  present  design proposals  to  qualified  customers,  or  to  obtain  governmental  or  regulatory  body  assessment/approval, BARCO is permitted to supply select portions of the confidential information to such third parties. Any such disclosure shall be reviewed and approved in writing by PURCHASER. Submissions   of   confidential   information   to   third   parties   must   be   made under   a   signed confidentiality   agreement   prohibiting   unauthorized   disclosure,   reproduction   in   any   form, distribution  or  use  of  such  information. Third  parties  are  required  to  agree  to  return  all confidential information upon request.

    (d)  Ownership. Both  parties  agree  that  the  other  party  currently  possesses  certain  core technology  and  proprietary  rights  to  ideas,  goods  and  processes  related  to  their  own  area  of expertise  and  business.  Technology  includes,  but  is  not  limited  to,  confidential  and  proprietary information  developed  by  either  party  concerning  their  own  existing  or  proposed  goods  and services,  trade  secrets  and  technical  data.  Proprietary  rights  include,  but  are  not  limited  to, existing and proposed goods or methods which are covered by issued patents, pending patents or which  are  under  review  or  development.  The  Agreement  does  not  transfer  the  rights  to  one party's technology or proprietary rights to the other  party  or  permit  use  of  such  rights  except  as  expressly  permitted  by  the  Agreement.  All  documents,  drawings,  specifications,  procedures, processes,  methods  and  systems,  which  are  developed  by  one  party  and  supplied  to  the  other party will remain the property of the originating party. Both parties agree not to design or build identical or similar goods either in part or in whole for any third party or for their own use using the other party's technology or proprietary rights

    (e)  Advertisement  of  Licensed  Products.  Advertisements  for  Licensed  Products  must  have prior written approval from Barco Uniforms’Marketing Department.


    BARCO may collect PURCHASERinformation but shall do so in accordance with the Privacy Policy   available   on   this   website.   The   Privacy   Policy   explains   how BARCO manages PURCHASER’S business and personal information.


    agrees to indemnify BARCO, in respect of all losses, claims, damages, costs and expenses,  including  legal  expenses  on  a  full  indemnity  basis,  arising  out  of  patent  infringement claims  arising  from  modifications  made  by PURCHASER to BARCO's  goods  unless  such modification has been approved by BARCO in writing.


    Both parties agree to maintain adequate insurance to support each party's obligations under this Agreement.  Upon  written  request  by  one  party,  the  other  party  shall  furnish  to  the  requesting party certificates of insurance to evidence that adequate insurance is in place and is in full force and effect.


    PURCHASER represents  and  warrants,  in  connection with the  transactions contemplated by this  Agreement,  and  any  other  agreement  contemplated  by  or  entered  into  pursuant  to  this Agreement, that it shall take no action, directly or indirectly, that would constitute aviolation of the  United  States  Foreign  Corrupt  Practices  Act,  Canadian  Corruption  of  Foreign  Public Officials  Act,  United  Kingdom  Bribery  Act  or  any  other  applicable  anti-bribery  or  anti-corruption  law,  convention  or  regulation  (collectively,  "anti-corruption  laws").   PURCHASER acknowledges and confirms that it and its Related Parties are familiar with the provisions of the anti-corruption  laws. PURCHASER hereby  agrees  to  indemnify,  defend  and  hold  harmless BARCO and  its  Related  Parties  from  and  against  any  and  all  losses,  causes  of  action,  liability, claims,  demands,  damages,  judgments,  awards,  costs  or  expenses  (including  our  legal  fees  and expenses  on  a  solicitor-client  basis)  (collectively  "Claims")  arising  in  connection  with  any alleged breach by PURCHASER or any of its Related Parties of this section. BARCO reserves the  right  to  terminate  the  Agreement  in  its  entirety,  without  liability  to PURCHASER,  if BARCO has  a  good  faith  basis  for  believing PURCHASER or  any  of  its  Related  Parties  has violated or intends to violate any country's anti-corruption laws.


    BARCO's  products  may  be  subject  to  the  export  control  laws  of  the  United  States,  Canada  or other  countries  where  its  products  are  sold.   PURCHASER acknowledges  that  it  will  comply with  all  such  laws  and  regulations,  and  obtain  all  licenses  to  export,  re-export or  import BARCO's  products  as  may  be  required. PURCHASER will  not,  without  first  obtaining  any necessary  licenses,  export  or  re-export  any  of BARCO's  products,  proprietary  information  or related technical data: (a) for any prohibited end uses; (b) to any prohibited destinations; or (c) to any individuals or entities that are presently on any denied party lists. Diversion contrary to U.S. law is prohibited.

    PURCHASER agrees  to  assist BARCO in  obtaining  any  necessary  export  licenses  or  end-use statements  for BARCO's  goods  or  services  required  for BARCOto  deliver  its  goods  and services  to PURCHASER. BARCO shall  not  be  liable  to PURCHASER for  any  failure 8provide  goods,  services  or  technical  data  as  a  result  of  any  of  the  following  governmental actions:  (a) refusal to grant export or re-export licenses; or (b) cancellation of export or re-export licenses. BARCO reserves  the  right  to  not  ship  the  goods  or  services  and  terminate  the Agreement in its entirety, without liability to PURCHASER, if BARCO has a good faith basis for believing PURCHASER or any of its Related Parties has violated, or intends to violate, any country's  export  regulations. PURCHASER hereby  agrees  to  indemnify,  defend  and  hold harmless BARCO and  its  Related  Parties  from  and  against  any  and all  Claims  arising  in connection with any breach, or alleged breach, of this section 17 by PURCHASER or any of its Related Parties.


    Transshipment  as  used  in  these  Terms  and  Conditions  is  the  act  of  shipping BARCO goods  to the PURCHASER as an intermediate destination prior to the PURCHASER shipping BARCO goods to their ultimate end-user for sale or other disposition.

    (a) Transshipments. Purchaser agrees to the following TransshipmentPolicies:

    (1) Notto sell, distribute, market or ship any BARCO’s products from any location that has not been preapproved in writing by BARCO.

    (2) Not to sell, distribute,market or ship any BARCO’s products to any other reseller.

    (3) Not to sell, distribute, market or ship any BARCO products on or through any third-party website or auction website.

    (4) To  obtain prior BARCO approval  of  locations,  e-commerce  websites  and Purchaser’s representative serving that territory.

    (5) In  the  event  that PURCHASER violates  any  of  the Transshipping  Policies set  forth herein, it shall be a breach of the Agreement resulting in account closure.

    (b) Drop Shipments. Purchaser agrees to the following Drop Shipment policy: Barco  Uniforms offers  drop  shipments  for  our  retailers  (continental  US  only)  with  a  $3.00 per shipment service charge.  Any orders that are returned directly to Barco Uniforms from a drop ship address are subject to a 15% restocking fee to our retailer.


    PURCHASER shall  release,  indemnify,  defend  and  hold  harmless BARCO and  its  Related Parties  from  and  against  all  Claims  for  (a)  damage  to,  or  destruction  of,  property  or  injury (including  death)  to  any  person  whatsoever,  including  without  limitation  to PURCHASER,  its Related Parties, any of its or their customers, contractors or suppliers, arising from or related to the  purchase  or  use  or  operation  of BARCO's  goods  or  services, REGARDLESS  OF  THE CAUSE  INCLUDING  WITHOUT  LIMITATION,  THE  NEGLIGENCE  OR  STRICT LIABILITY  OF,  OR  BREACH  OF  CONTRACT,  WARRANTY  OR  DUTY  BY  BARCO OR  ITS  RELATED  PARTIES;  and  (b)  for  any  breach  of  any  of  the  terms  and  conditions  of this Agreement by PURCHASER.

    Furthermore,  notwithstanding  anything  contained  in  the  Agreement  to  the  contrary,  to  the maximum    extent    permitted    under    law,   PURCHASER shall  release,  indemnify,  defend  and hold harmless BARCO and its Related Parties from and against any and all Claims, asserted by, derived from or in favor of any person, party or entity, in respect of or resulting from: (a) loss of or  damage  to  any  well  or  hole  (including  the  cost  of  redrill);  (b)  blowout,  fire,  explosion, cratering  or  any  uncontrolled  well  condition  (including  the  costs  to  control  a  wild  well and  the removal  of  debris);  (c)  damage  to  any  reservoir,  geological  formation  or  underground  strata  or the  loss  of oil  or  gas  therefrom;  and/or  (d)  pollution  or  contamination  of  any  kind  (other  than surface  spillage  of  fuels,  lubricants,  rig  sewage  or  garbage,  to  the  extent  attributable  to  the negligence  of BARCO)  including  but  not  limited  to  the  cost  of  control,  removal  and  clean-up, REGARDLESS   OF THE   CAUSE   INCLUDING   WITHOUT   LIMITATION,   THE NEGLIGENCE   OR   STRICT   LIABILITY   OF,   OR   BREACH   OF   CONTRACT, WARRANTY OR DUTY BY BARCO OR ITS RELATED PARTIES.


    Notwithstanding anything contained in this Agreement to the contrary, BARCO shall not, in any event,  be  liable  for  any  special,  incidental,  consequential  or  indirect  damages,  loss  of  profits  or revenues,  or  for  any  claims,  damages,  costs  or  expenses  (including  legal  expenses)  or  delay caused by defective material or workmanship(all of the foregoing collectively "Consequential Damages")  and PURCHASER hereby  releases BARCO and  its  Related  Parties  from  all  such Consequential Damages, REGARDLESS OF HOW  SUCH CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES  ARE   CAUSED,   INCLUDING   WITHOUT   LIMITATION   THE   NEGLIGENCE   OR STRICT  LIABILITY  OF,  OR  BREACH  OF  CONTRACT,  WARRANTY  OR  DUTY  BY BARCOOR ITS RELATED PARTIES.

  21. WAIVER

    The  failure  of  either  party  to  enforce  any  provision  hereof  will  not  constitute  a  waiver  or preclude  subsequent  enforcement  thereof.  Waiver  by  a party  of  any  breach  of  these  provisions shall not be construed as waiver of any other breach.


    The fact that a provision contained herein is held invalid, illegal or unenforceable by a court of competent jurisdiction will not affect the other provisions hereof.


    This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of California without resort to conflict of law statutes. Each party hereby irrevocably submits itself to the jurisdiction of the federal and state  courts  of California located  in Los  Angeles,CAand  waives  any  objection  it  may  now  or hereafter have to the placing of venue in any such courts and any right to remove any such action or proceeding to another court.


    In the event it is necessary for any party to enforce any provision of the Agreement, then in that event,  the  prevailing  party  shall  be  entitled  to  recover  reasonable  legal  expenses  on  a  full indemnity basis.

  25. NOTICES All notices required or permitted to be given hereunder must be in writing and shall be deemed effectively  given  when  received  or,  if  not  received,  when  deposited  with  the  post  office  as certified mail, return receipt requested, to the address of the party as contained in the Agreement, or as otherwise provided by either party upon notice to the other party.


    BARCO will  provide  to PURCHASER the  goods  and/or  perform  services  as  described  in  and subject  to  the  terms  and  conditions  of  this  Agreement  which  may  be  amended  or  modified  by supplementary change orders agreed to by both parties in such event, the goods and/or services to  be  provided  shall  be  deemed  to  include  the  goods  and/or  services  described  in  such supplementary change orders.

    BARCO will provide such resources and utilize such employees and/or third party consultants as it deems necessary to provide the goods and services. The manner and means used by BARCO to  perform  the  services  desired  by  the PURCHASER are  in  the  sole  discretion  and  control  of BARCO. BARCOshall use commercially reasonable efforts to meet the schedules and times of performance for the services as set forth in the Agreement.

    PURCHASER agrees  to  provide BARCO with  such  information,  materials,  and  technology owned or controlled by PURCHASER as BARCO reasonably requires to provide the goods and services. PURCHASER hereby  grants BARCO a  royalty-free,  non-exclusive,  world-wide license to use PURCHASER's technology, and all PURCHASER’s intellectual property rights covering such PURCHASER's technology solely in order for BARCO to provide the goods and services  during  the  term  of  and  in  accordance  with  the  Agreement. PURCHASER agrees  to obtain  for BARCO the  right  to  use,  for  the  purpose  of  providing  the  goods  and  services,  such third party information, materials and technology, and any intellectual property rights therein, as BARCO reasonably requires in order to provide the goods and services.

    BARCO reserves the right to drawback of duty paid on materials used in the manufacture of the goods  sold  to PURCHASER. PURCHASER agrees  to  provide BARCO proof  of  exportation, as  well  as  any  other  relevant  documents,  and  to  cooperate  with BARCO to  facilitate  the collection of such drawback.

    PURCHASER and BARCO agree to cooperate in good faith to permit BARCO to provide the goods and services in a timely and professional manner. PURCHASER understands and agrees that BARCO's  provision  of  the  goods  and  services  may  depend  on  the  completion  of  certain PURCHASER tasks or adherence to PURCHASER schedules within PURCHASER's control; consequently  the  schedule  for  provision  of  the  goods  and  services  or  any  portion  thereof  may require adjustments or changes in the event such PURCHASER tasks or schedules change or are modified  or  are  not  completed  as  anticipated. BARCO shall  bear  no  liability  or  otherwise  be responsible  for  delays  in  the  provision  of  goods  and  services  or  any  portion  thereof occasioned by PURCHASER's failure to complete in a timely manner a PURCHASER task or adhere to a PURCHASER schedule.


    PURCHASER shall  not  assign  its  rights  or  obligations  hereunder  without  the  prior  written consent  of BARCO,  which  consent  shall  not  be  unreasonably  withheld  or  delayed.  Any attempted assignment in contravention of the foregoing shall be void and of no force or effect.

    Subject  to  compliance  with PURCHASER's  applicable  product  quality,  specifications  and delivery  requirements  specified  in  the  Agreement, BARCO reserves  the  right  to  source production  of  the  goods  supplied  hereunder  from  any  facilities  which  are  owned  by  any  entity controlling,  controlled  by  or  under  common  control  with BARCO. BARCO shall  have no responsibility  for  meeting PURCHASER's  country-of-origin  product  content  requirements  (if any)  unless BARCO is  notified  in  writing  of  such  requirements  at  the  time PURCHASER places  its  order  with BARCO,  or  in  the  case  of  standing  orders,  at  or  before  the  latest  time PURCHASER may  place  an  order  in  accordance  with BARCO's  production  scheduling requirements.


    No provision of this contract may be construed against BARCO as the drafting party. The term"including" means "including without limitation." The term "days" means calendar days unless otherwise expressly stated.


    In  addition  to  any  other  remedies  available  to BARCO at  law, BARCO may  terminate  the Agreement with the PURCHASER upon ten (10) days written notice, delivered by facsimile or email in the event that:

    (a) PURCHASER fails to perform its obligations under or otherwise breaches any provisions of the  Agreement  or  any  other  contract  between PURCHASER and BARCO or  any  of BARCO's affiliates;

    (b) PURCHASER ceases to carry on its business substantially as such business is conducted on the  date  of  the      Agreement      and      such      change      in      circumstances  modifies BARCO's obligations or impairs either party's ability to discharge its obligations under the Agreement;

    (c) PURCHASER is the subject of creditor protection of bankruptcy, reorganization, liquidation receivership or similar proceedings;

    (d) PURCHASER is unable to pay its debts as they become due;

    (e) Any  term,  condition  or  provision  of  the  Agreement  or  any  other  contract  between  the PURCHASER and BARCO becomes  invalid  or  illegal  under  any  applicable  law,  rule  or regulation; or

    (f) An event of Force Majeure listed in section 8 above continues for a period of more than forty five (45) days.

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